Like a child in a chocolate factory, it was hard to know where to start.  The miles of marina packed with magnificence, or the scores of small boats ranging from furniture quality to restoration opportunity.  The MyState Australian Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart from 6 to 9 February this year was something to behold.
In addition to the look and feel and admire boats of all sizes, the place was alive with activity.  Children (of all ages) rowing and paddling in Constitution Dock and beyond; demonstrations of most things related to wood and boats; the sail past; rowing events; tall ships (although two were missing due to bad weather); harbour cruises; the Open Boat program; it was all there.
The WBAQ, including wives and friends, had a sizeable contingent present. Between the lot of us, there are probably enough photos for a picture night lasting well over a fortnight (I can only contribute 489). Queensland boats I spotted included Classic (see cover photo), Laurabada, and Pagan.
With side trips to the Franklin Wooden Boat Centre, the Tasmanian Maritime Museum and Mt Wellington on a clear day, all made this first trip for me to the famous festival a real highlight. Edward Elcock