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WBAQ Archive

The following is a selection of articles contributed by members.



Site Visit – Peter Saggers, Boatbuilder

On Saturday afternoon, 8th March, six WBA members enjoyed a very informative couple of hours with Peter Saggers at his shed at Sheldon. Peter is building a 45 foot cruising ...
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Tech Tips – Petrol for Marine Engines

As some of you are aware I work for Caltex manufacturing fuels and I have been asked by WBAQ members what is happening with Unleaded Petrol as there is concern ...
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Book Review – The Nature of Boats – Dave Gerr

Subtitled “Insights and Esoterica for the Nautically Obsessed”. Well the subtitle describes it all, though the word “Essentialia” could well have been included. In this encyclopaedic book Dave Gerr has ...
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Weighing Your Boat

The following article was first published in the Log in April 2003. It is repeated here for the benefit of members who have joined us since then. Here’s an interesting ...
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During the discussion following Mark’s talk at the November meeting, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries were mentioned, with the comment that their enclosure does not have to be ventilated, and ...
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