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WBAQ Archive

The following is a selection of articles contributed by members.



Notes of visit to Ross Lillistone

Introduction. On 23rd June, 19 WBAQ members attended a site visit to Ross Lillistone? s establishment at Esk.  Of those Ian Kirk and Peter Fox from Macleay Island and Bruce ...
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How Much Bouyancy is Enough

HOW MUCH BOYANCY IS ENOUGH? This is the (only) Golden Bay 11 (normally they are 12 ft but this one was shrunk to fit davits)… she sails and rows and ...
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Roger’s Reefing Refinement.

There is another simple string device that deserves publicising – Roger’s Reefing Refinement. There are those who are dedicated to rolling the sail round the boom to reduce it’s size ...
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Product review HOLDON – Midi

“The heavier the load – the greater the grip” For once a product that stands up to the blurb, well so far. Found these at Whitworths, and they are for ...
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Coochiemudlo Messabout July was a very busy month with both Matthew Flinders and Caloundra events. The Matthew Flinders re-enactment at Coochie Island was a great week-end again with perfect winter ...
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Huntingford Helm Impeder

Having sailed my 14 ft Harrier single-handed and found myself restricted by the constant need to attend the helm, I decided that I wanted a device to stiffen the movement ...
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Fabrication of a laminated tiller

My NIS 26 PRESTO was fitted with a kick-up rudder which most times worked very well. However there have been occasions when running in shallow water the rudder strikes bottom ...
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Haul Out Anchoring System

I was asked recently to describe the above after my demonstration at our July meeting. It goes like this: Set up anchor, chain and line approx 10 meters long, attach ...
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