Once again the Caloundra Regatta has come and gone. Once again it was a great weekend. Better than last year?  Well, we certainly had better weather and a bigger collection of boats.  My wife, Marian, and I enjoyed the paddle up Bells Creek on the Saturday but were happy to accept a lift back on Ed’s (starting a new life as a motor boat) 16ft skiff.  At the end of the weekend Marian said it was one of friendliest lot of people she had been with.  Ron’s full report appears later in the Log, but if you missed it this year don’t miss out next year.

Some points of interest noticed over the weekend.

  1. Please do not tie up to navigation markers, the people who maintain these will get very sad and will want to come over and share their sadness with you, which could be expensive.
  2. Trailers – there are regulations about over- hangs and when red flags and reflexives are required.  I suggest you find out and make sure your trailer and load complies. For a start, search the Queensland Transport website for “Projecting Loads
  3. Bungs – put your bungs in BEFORE you leave the boat ramp. People have been booked for driving off with their bungs out; it’s to do with unsecured loads. Yes well, whether you like it or not, it’s the law and easy to comply with.
  4. Life jackets – there are new codes out for life jackets.  Get to know them so you comply Life Jackets.   Also where you store your life jackets must now be clearly labelled.  Should you be pulled up by our friends, they will ask the crew (not the master) where the life jackets and safety gear are stored. Don’t leave your life jackets in the plastic bags they came in, have them ready. It’s a lot easier to put your life jacket on at your leisure than in a blind panic!

I’ll be taking leave (without pay) for a while and Mark Fort has kindly agreed to step into my role – thanks, Mark.

Jon Elcock.