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Privacy Policy

If your application for membership is successful, the details required by Rule 10.(2) will be entered in a Register of Members.
In accordance with Rule 10(3), the Register is open for inspection at all reasonable times by any Member who previously applies to the Secretary for such inspection. The Register will not be used for any purpose outside the objects of the Association and will not be disclosed to third parties.
Also by completing this Membership Application, you are consenting to the publication of your name, town or suburb and
contents of the “Boat Details” box in the New Members section of the “Log” for Members’ information and for the publication of only your name, town or suburb and home and mobile phone numbers in a WBAQ List of Members to be included
periodically in the Log and on the WBAQ website in an area accessible only to registered Members. If you do not want any
of these details published in the Log or on the WBAQ website, mark the Not for Publication (NFP) box on the front page of the application Form.