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Haul Out Anchoring System

I was asked recently to describe the above after my demonstration at our July meeting. It goes like this:

  • Set up anchor, chain and line approx 10 meters long, attach float and pulley near other end, but leaving room to tie to stem.
  • Anchor as normal. Carry haulout line in a bucket with both ends showing.
  • Attach one end to stern, take the other end forward, outside all rigging, thread through pulley and attach it to cleat after releasing anchor line.
  • Paddle back to beach, line will unroll. Plant stern anchor and tie off line. You now have a
  • continuous loop.

To pull boat out, pull one side, to return pull other side, and tie off as required.

If you prefer the line attached to stern, could also be tied to the stem, after planting beach anchor, this allows the boat to swing to the tide.

Photographs and another explanation can be found in Wooden Boat Magazine’s 2009 Small Boats.

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