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Saturday, August 26, 2017
Point Talburpin
Harland (0419 848 684) harlandfamily@ozemail.com.au, Don Burrows (Ph
38290607) or Matt Moore (0412 819 997) matt.n.moore@gmail.com
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Ed Elcock

This event occurs in the Australia/Brisbane time zone.



SATURDAY 26th August 2017

A big thank you to all those who were able to join us for our May get together,

especially those taking the trouble to travel some distance. (Peter and Linda Kerr,

and Sam by yacht from the northern end of the bay, and our regulars, Peter and Di

Hope all the way from Caloundra.

We had some good sailing on the new “inside” course to the west of Pannikin Is.,

with the forecast late rain holding off until the BBQ was well under way.

We did initially plan to hold the next gathering on Saturday, 12th August. However as

we understand this date clashes with the Wooden Boat Association’s Caloundra

weekend, we now plan to hold the event on Saturday, 26th August

As always, at the risk of boring those already familiar with these gatherings, we have,

for the benefit of potential new participants, repeated the information promulgated in

notices for previous events.

Since high tide on the 26th August is at about 1.00pm (1.99m), we are planning a

start at 12.00 noon, followed by lunch under the trees on the Point Talburpin

foreshore. As with previous gatherings, an “out and back” format is proposed, with all

boats turning for home when the leading boat reaches the furthest mark.

For those not familiar with the format of previous gatherings, these are friendly gettogethers

designed to encourage both local and visiting sailors to get out on the

water in the company of other, like-minded souls, and enjoy the facility provided by

high tide at Point Talburpin. Although activities are held at or near high tide, the

relatively ‘thin’ waters in these parts necessarily restrict participation to dinghies (of

all sorts and sizes), centreboarders, catamarans, and other shallow draft vessels.

Course will be set on the day depending on wind direction and strength (and bearing

in mind the comments above) but as a guide, southerly course will generally be:-

Allan Robb beacon to starboard, red beacon east of Pannikin Is. to port and return to

finish in the reverse direction.

In northerlies, from start to green beacon off Snipe Is. and return.

Start and finish line will be between two white spar buoys laid north east of the Point

Talburpin boat ramp. Starting procedure will be outlined at the pre-race briefing.

A crude, though quite acceptable (at highish tide at least) unpaved boat ramp exists

at the end of Torquay Road, adjacent to the start/finish line and the picnic area.

There is also a very good all-tide concrete ramp available on the Esplanade some 2k

north of Point Talburpin. At times close to high tide, a sandy beach is accessible at

the picnic site. For those visiting by water (eg from Macleay Is.) secure “on the mud”

mooring is available in front of the Harland residence in Torquay Rd. Should

participants wish to prolong their involvement in the social activities and collect their

boats the next day, Tony H and Don B will keep an eye on them overnight. Transport

to and from the ferry can be arranged.

The following schedule is proposed:

Prior to 11.00am – all boats rigged and gathered on the beach near the picnic area.

(as this event is very tide dependant, it is important we start the activity at the

planned time. The cooperation of participants in being ready by briefing time

would be greatly appreciated)

11.00am Briefing on shore to confirm course, starting procedure etc..

12 noon Start

1.30pm On-water activity should be finished and social gathering begun

2.00pm Presentation of prizes

2.15pm onwards Continue lunch and socializing

As with previous events, it is suggested that participants and friends bring a little food

and drink to share at the gathering. A BBQ will be provided. (for those visiting in

small boats by water – don’t worry - there will be plenty to go around if previous

experience is anything to go by). Serving tables will be provided, but folding chairs

are recommended if you are coming by land. Readily accessible toilet facilities are

available at the adjacent Harland residence.

For those without boats and wishing to “have a sail’, there is a good chance that

places will be available on one or more of the participating boats.

As always, we will welcome anyone who wishes to “just turn up” on the day, but if

you let us know of your intention to join us, we will be able to contact you as early as

possible in the event of cancellation due to weather etc..

We point out that although “prizesmay be donated for various achievements,

this is not a formally conducted regatta, and is without the infrastructure of

formal yacht club events and the like. Participants join us as individuals

participating at their own discretion, bearing in mind weather conditions, crew

competencies, vessel capability etc.. In other words, participants must make

the decision as if they were venturing out on their own on the day.

We encourage those receiving this notice to pass it on to others they feel might like

to join us for either the on or off water activities.

For more information, or to register your interest, don’t hesitate to contact Tony

Harland (0419 848 684) harlandfamily@ozemail.com.au, Don Burrows (Ph

38290607) or Matt Moore (0412 819 997) matt.n.moore@gmail.com