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If you are ready to sell a wooden boat to clear space for a new one, if you need to buy a motor, trailer or rigging for your next wooden boat project, or if you want to convert some leftover wooden boat building materials to cash, you have found the right place. If want to get out on the water in a beautiful, unique, classic or traditional wooden boat you can find one here to buy.


For an limited period, you can advertise your boat for free!.

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Sail Boats (0)

Wooden sail boats large or small, old or new

Power Boats (0)

Inboard, Outboard, Steam, Petrol, Diesel or Electric powered wooden boats.

Muscle Boats (0)

Wooden canoes, kayaks, dinghy's primarily powered by oars or paddles.

Boat Motors (0)

Motors for wooden boats. Inboard, Outboard, Diesel, Petrol, Steam, Electric or whatever.

Boat Trailers (0)

Boat Trailers suitable for transporting wooden boats.

Chandlery (0)

Safety Equipment, Rigging, Accessories, Fittings, Novelties, etc. for Wooden Boats.

Materials (0)

Timber, Plywood, Paint, Epoxy... probably left over from a finished project.

Woodworking Tools (0)

Hand Tools, Power Tools, Workshop Tools, Jigs, Tool Innovations

Items Wanted (0)

Want to find a special boat not advertised here? It's probably in someone's shed. Need some bit and pieces for a project? Why not use someone else's leftovers?

Collectibles (0)

Do you have, or do you want, a beautiful brass compass or sextant, trophy, or other treasure that is no longer used but is too precious to throw away?

Books and other publications (0)

Books, fiction and non fiction; magazines and magazine collections, plans, charts, CDs, DVDs and other publications to do with wooden boats.



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