Wooden Boat

Association of Queensland

How to Advertise

For an introductory period advertising on the Wooden Boat Marketplace is FREE!


Advertising on the Wooden Boat Marketplace is simple. Just:


1. Register your details on this website.Your email address will hidden from visitors to the site who can contact you by clicking a link without seeing your email address. Register here. If you are already registered on this website, go to step 2.


2. Your registration must be accepted by our team to ensure that you are a genuine advertiser. This normally happens withing 24 hours. Once your registration has been accepted you can log-in to the website and place your own advertisements, including photographs. Advertisements remain current for 90 days but can be renewed.


If you don't like on-line activity you can mail the details to:


Wooden Boat Marketplace

Wooden Boat Association of Queensland Inc.

PO Box 210,

Mt Ommaney Qld 4074


...and we will load them up for you. (Note: The mailbox is only cleared weekly so this might take a week or two. Please include your phone number so prospective buyers can contact you directly.)

When you prepare your advertisement, remember...


Your chances of selling items on-line are greatly increased if you include a detailed description. Search engines look for words. You can include pictures to impress real people after they find your item but the search engines won't be impressed at all.

Think of the key-words people might use to search for your item, and include them in the description. Make sure you include useful information like: Designer, design, builder, brand name, type of construction, material, age, condition, licenses, engine capacity, carrying capacity, dimensions, shipping weight.


Include a short description (up to 120 characters) to appear in the listing, as well as a full detailed description so that prospective buyers clearly understand what you are offering. You can include up to 3 pictures of not more that 500kb each.


Also, indicate whether or not you are prepared to deliver, how much extra you would charge to pack and send items.


Your advert will not appear until it has been approved. This normally happens within 24 hours. If you are not used to advertising on-line, don't get stressed. You don't have to get your advertisement perfect at first try. You can save what you have done so far and come back any time, login again, and go to 'Marketplace | Update your advert'. You can keep 'tweaking' it until is presents exactly as you wish.

Buyers and sellers can use on-line calculators like these to work out freight costs.

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