Wooden Boat

Association of Queensland


Membership Benefits

Whatever you enjoy doing with wooden boats. You can enjoy it more in company with other like-minded people.  Our membership embodies a vast range of knowledge and experience in all aspects of wooden boats, both in the workshop, and on the water.  Our activities provide excellent opportunities for learning new skills, seeking advice, sharing ideas and all manner of collaborations.

Our monthly newsletter keeps us all in touch and informed.

Our library contains a wealth of valuable books and magazines.

Members have access to various resources  either owned, or available to the association.


Our fees consist of an initial joining fee of $20.00 and an annual subscription of $30.00

The association also has Country Membership at a reduced annual subscription. See the membership Application Form for details.

Membership Application

Download our membership application form , an overview  of WBAQ , our latest brochure, or view our newsletter archive.