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Welcome to the Wooden Boat Association of Queensland!

We are an association of enthusiasts with  a shared passion for wooden boats. Within that general definition our members represent a broad range of boats and special interests encompassing -

  • Boats ranging from 100 years old to those barely begun.
  • Boats powered by sail, steam, diesel, oars or paddles. 
  • Ultra-light canoes and kayaks thru putt-putts, trailer sailers, thru to large boats on permanent moorings.
  • Both new constructions and restorations.
  • Construction techniques including Stitch & Glue, Strip Plank, Lap-strake Ply, Traditional Clinker.

Our members variously enjoy designing, building, sailing, messing about in and talking about wooden boats. We welcome all current and potential wooden boat enthusiasts to our association. Our subscription is inexpensive, our activities are varied and interesting, and our culture is open, friendly and inclusive.


The main aims of the WBAQ are:

To foster and promote an active interest in all matters relating to the history, development and future, and the building, restoration and preservation of wooden boats in Queensland;

To encourage and promote contact with interstate and overseas organizations with similar interests;

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From our archives

  • Roy Bliss Boats

    Roy Bliss Boats

    A couple of our members have purchased an old Roy Bliss designed Bliss-craft boat, for renovation.  They would like to make contact with other owners of Bliss-craft boats to share common interests and experience.  It is noted that BoatCraft Pacific list the plans for the Bliss-craft Oceaneer MK II being available for sale.


    Roy Bliss is a Life Member of the WBAQ but unfortunately is not enjoying good health at present.